Dental Month

Recently at Cockburn Veterinary Group we have refurbished our practice to provide a dedicated ultrasound room and dental suite, and to celebrate during July and August we are offering a free dental check* for your cat or dog.

It is advised that dental checks are carried out at least twice a year, as unhealthy teeth and gums can increase the risk of other health problems such as heart, liver and kidney failure.

Signs can include bad breath, not wanting to play with toys, difficulty or lack of eating, reddened, bleeding or swollen gums, crusted yellow tartar on teeth, drooling and in some severe cases weight loss.

Our veterinary nurses will be happy to advise you on routine treatment to help with dental hygiene such as brushing and dental treats. However should your pet require a general anesthetic to allow more invasive dental treatment as part of this offer you will be able to claim a £10 voucher to help with the cost (a full estimate can be given at the time of consultation).

So book your pet in for a free dental check* with us today by either calling us on 01530 836654 or popping into the practice.

*consultation with a nurse.

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