Once your pet is registered at our Veterinary Clinic, he or she will have their own medical file – much as you do with your GP covering the simple things like pet vaccinations and pet boosters through to advanced treatments like pet ultrasound, pet radiology or laparoscopic veterinary surgery. Your vet or nurse will refer to the file every time we see your companion and it typically includes all those little extra details – the likes, dislikes and the little behavioural differences we all have.

Creating a more rounded picture of your pet’s life ensures that the care we give is more personalised than most – and whenever you bring your pet into see us for examination, treatment or to attend a free clinic, your vet or nurse will update that file.

Even in an emergency, our duty vet will be able to access your pet’s file quickly and easily so that we miss nothing when it comes to treatment or special circumstances. If that emergency occurs before you’ve had a chance to register, don’t worry – we’ll take care of registration but remember you will need to pay an emergency fee on top of any consultancy or treatment.

What to do in an emergency – our 24 hour emergency vet service.