Rabbit neutering

Not only does rabbit neutering prevent unwanted pregnancies, it helps manage behavioural issues like urine spraying and aggression.

  • Most importantly, neutering a doe rabbit prevents uterine tumours, mammary gland tumours and uterine (uterus) infections.
  • Rabbit uterine cancer and tumours are the most common cancer in a doe with the risk rising to 80 per cent in rabbits 6 years old.
  • Often these tumours also spread to other abdominal organs, lungs, skin, brain and bone and reduce lifespan. Neutering a buck rabbit prevents testicular tumours.

Top Tips

  • We recommend neutering female rabbits at between six to nine months old and as early as four to six months old for neutering a buck rabbit.
  • While there is a higher anaesthetic risk for rabbits, Cockburn Veterinary Group offsets these risks with intravenous and subcutaneous fluids (SC) and we send all pet rabbits home with pain relief and nutritional support.

Need advice on rabbit neutering? Call us on 01530 836654 at our Coalville animal surgery during opening hours. We’ll be pleased to help.