Rabbit vaccination

Myxomatosis: causes painful swelling of the eyes, ears and genitals while suppressing the immune system. There’s no known cure.

Rabbit VHD: caused by the insect-borne calicivirus, symptoms include depression, anorexia, lethargy leading to breathing difficulties, difficulties clotting, nasal bleeding, convulsions, coma and then death.

While they are awful conditions, don’t be alarmed. A simple annual rabbit vaccination removes the risk and protects your pet.

Vaccinating rabbits – our Top Tips …

  • We’ll vaccinate your rabbit each year for both diseases using a combined vaccine ahead of the summer months when fleas, midges and mosquitoes are most active.
  • We can give the first rabbit vaccination at just five weeks of age when it’s still a kit (youngster).
  • Pregnant does or breeding bucks require a different vaccination routine for both diseases so please speak to your vet.
  • If you also have cats they must to be treated for fleas to prevent any cross-infection.

Need advice on rabbit vaccination? Call us on 01530 836654 at our Coalville animal surgery during opening hours. We’ll be pleased to help.