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Cockburn Veterinary Group is committed to improving the health of the region’s pets. As a result, the practice will be offering reduced price vaccinations for all dogs and cats whose vaccination has lapsed. Pets will receive a full vaccination course against the main diseases for the price of a booster during this event. The practice team are setting themselves an ambitious goal to try and reduce the incidence of disease in family pets.

This offer is running up until the 29th of September 2012, so to get your pet booked in for this offer call our reception team on 01530 836654.

Cockburn Vet Group is running a Rabbit Awareness Month

The 15th to the 22nd of September is ‘Rabbit Awareness Week’, however at Cockburn Veterinary Group we are extending this for the whole month of September.

We will be running free advice clinics with a nurse where you can receive information on health, husbandry, fleas and worms, diet, dental care and more. You will also get a free information pack with bunny sample freebies.

We are running a competition for the ‘Cutest Bunny’ where we can take a photo of your rabbit and put it onto our website where the public can vote. The winner will receive a deluxe bunny pack and there are also prizes for the runners up too. The competition opens on the 3rd of September and closes on the 30th; photographs will be up after the event. Voting will close on the 21st of October and the winner will be announced on the 31st October 2012.

Rabbits are small but they need a big amount of TLC! They should be vaccinated yearly to protect them for diseases such as Myxomatosis and Viral Hemorrhagic Disease; these diseases are very serious and can kill very quickly, they should also be flea and wormed regularly too.

They also have a complex diet, where they need to be able to graze all day. On the wrong diet it can affect their teeth, as grazing good quality hay and grass will help them from overgrowing.

So if you have an old or new bunny or thinking of getting one, get the right information by calling us today on 01530 836654 to have a chat or to book a free advice consultation with a nurse.