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Having an extensive range of in-clinic laboratory machines allow us to test samples of your pet’s blood and urine on the spot, giving us immediate access to the information needed to diagnose, treat and monitor your pet when they’re ill and obtaining an answer for you more quickly at what we appreciate can be an anxious time.

Being able to take the guesswork out of diagnosis allows us to start treatment immediately. This is particularly for important for emergencies where the patient’s health might be severely compromised by a delay waiting for results to come back from an outside laboratory.

Our lab machines also allow us to improve patient safety when your pet needs surgery as on the day their operation we can perform a pre-anaesthetic screen to help minimise the risk of anaesthetic complications. If our vets recommend it, we can perform a more extensive profile which also includes checking for other blood and electrolyte abnormalities.

Many of our senior patients need long-term medication to control heart or thyroid conditions or pain from arthritis where it is vital to monitor the effectiveness of their medication and the effects on their body. Using a combination of clinical examination and in-house laboratory tests our vets can provide you with the information you need to keep your pet fit and healthy.

From checking blood counts to performing screens on the kidneys or liver, checking for urine infections or to see if a number of medications are at the correct level in the blood stream, our laboratory is a vital part of our extensive in-house care.

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