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At Cockburn Veterinary Group we are able to perform a large range of surgical techniques from routine neutering to more complex procedures such as keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery, gut and bladder surgery, tumour removal, and orthopaedic surgery. Kostas, one of our experienced vets is currently studying for a specialist qualification in orthopaedic surgery and is able to perform more complex bone fracture repairs and joint surgeries.

Your pet’s safety is of paramount importance to us and that’s why we often recommend performing blood tests, which we can run in our extensive in-house laboratory. This allows us to ensure your pet’s kidneys and liver are functioning appropriately before they have an anaesthetic. We are also able to administer intravenous fluids (a drip) on the day of the operation to support your pet whilst they are undergoing surgery.

While your pet is under general anaesthetic they will be monitored by our veterinary and veterinary nursing teams, one of whom, Maxine, our deputy head veterinary nurse, has a specialist veterinary nursing certificate in anaesthesia and analgesia. Our team will be also using the latest multimodal monitoring equipment to keep your pet safe.

It is important that your pet is kept as pain-free as possible during surgery and our team will administer the best pain relieving treatments and monitoring methods to make sure this happens.

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