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Behind every great vet, there’s a great nurse too. Our North West Leicestershire veterinary nurses are essential to the care we offer to your companion animal and play an important part in ensuring that the practice is a happy and comfortable place for your pet to visit.

As well as assisting our vets during vaccinations, surgical procedures and when collecting blood samples, our dedicated veterinary nursing team run free wellness clinics for animals registered with our North West Leicestershire animal surgery, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about your companion animal’s general health, compare notes with fellow owners or discuss more specific concerns in detail . As these clinics are for healthy animals only, If you think your pet might be unwell, please make an appointment to see one of our vets. We’ll ensure that your pet gets the right treatment as soon as possible and doesn’t put other pets at the clinics at risk. So why not bring your healthy pet along for a check-up and meet our nurses?

Phone us to find out clinic days and times or to register your pet for one of the following sessions:

Pet Weight Clinic

Obesity in companion animals is increasing: too much food and too little exercise. The risks to pets include: early on-set arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, bladder problems – as well as reducing quality of life and even shortening life expectancy.

If you’re worried your pet’s weight is creeping up, try our free pet weight clinic. Our vet nurses can help you help your companion with an initial consultation to design the right diet plan and exercise regime. We monitor your pet’s weight over time and once at a healthy weight, help him or her to maintain it.

Flea & Worm Clinic

We know you know about the importance of regular flea and worm treatments but we also understand that administering worming tablets – especially to cats – can be easier said than done! That’s when a free clinic can really help.

Our vet nurses will administer any treatments your vet has prescribed so your pet is properly protected against parasites. While you and your companion is with us, we’ll also check for flea dirt or fleas and provide advice on the most appropriate flea treatment to suit your pet and your lifestyle.

Pet Dental Clinic

Dental health is as important to your pet as it is to you. However toothache or a dental condition is hard to spot and your companion may be eating enthusiastically despite being in pain. Left undetected and untreated, dental disease can ultimately lead to serious heart, liver and kidney problems.

At Cockburn Veterinary Group we recommend a good dental hygiene regime with appropriate chew toys, teeth brushing and a balanced diet – plus a visit to one of our free pet dental clinics every 6 to 12 months. Our veterinary nurses will check your companion animal’s teeth and gums, provide advice on preventative dental care and tips on teeth brushing – as well as outlining a good dental regime. If our nurse discovers possible signs of dental disease or a troublesome condition, we can refer your pet for treatment by your vet.

Individual Puppy Clinic

Your puppy’s first few weeks and months with you are like a child’s early years. Their experiences during this important period will likely shape their behaviour for life.

Our free puppy clinics provide a fun environment where you can learn to socialise your puppy appropriately with other dogs and people, helping your companion begin maturing into a well adjusted, well behaved and happy adult. They also help your puppy to become accustomed to – and not fearful of – visits to the surgery.

Puppy clinics are also a great opportunity for you to ask questions about care and any problems you might need to look out for so that we can nip them in the bud. From canine behaviour, training your puppy, puppy socialisation and diets to pet neutering, pet vaccination, puppy worming and de-fleaing programmes, they’ve got the answers.

Talk to us about bringing your furry bundle of joy along to a clinic as early as two weeks after your puppy’s second vaccination, right up until he or she is a year old. Then come along and join the fun.

Behind every great vet, there’s a great nurse too. Our Leicester veterinary nurses are essential to the care we offer to your companion animal and play an important part in ensuring that the practice is a happy and comfortable place for your pet to visit.

For regular consultations our vet nurses help our vets during vaccinations, x-rays and when taking blood samples. When your companion animal is scheduled for surgery, your vet nurse is on hand to prepare the theatre, administer pre-meds to your pet, get your pet ready for his/her anaesthetic, monitor blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, heart and respiratory rates during operation and offer some TLC as your pet recovers post-op.

If your pet is tricky about taking medication, your vet nurse can administer meds for you at the free clinics we provide for registered animals.

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