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Xrays & Ultrasound

We believe that it’s important to have the most up-to-date equipment to hand to help us diagnose what is wrong with your pet when they are ill, and to help us treat them. That’s why our Coalville veterinary practice is kitted out with the latest digital Xray machines to allow us to take both general and dental radiographs; a modern ultrasound machine; and a range of endoscopes.

From checking for broken legs to looking for bladder stones or objects your pet may have swallowed in their tummy, Xrays can be a really helpful tool. Some materials like plastic or clothing such as socks may not show up on Xray when they have been swallowed and we can use special techniques, such as barium meals in these cases. Sometimes we need to take Xrays of unusual animals, such as this tortoise, which had problems laying eggs.

Our ultrasound scanner uses sound waves emitted at a high frequency which we cannot hear to create an image of the organs inside the body. Fortunately having an ultrasound scan performed is not painful so these are usually carried out without either sedation or anaesthesia. Ultrasounds can be used for a range of internal examinations from checking vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, bladder, spleen and heart to looking for happy events like pregnancy!

We also have a wide range of endoscopes available. These long, thin, flexible tubes, which have a camera and light source at one end allow us to look inside areas of the body such as the nose, trachea (windpipe), oesophagus (throat) and stomach. We also use special rigid endoscopes for laparoscopic or keyhole surgery including taking internal biopsy samples and laparoscopic neutering.

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